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FJ80 Series
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The FJ80s We Buy to Make "Like New"...

Cool Cruisers of Texas (CCOT) buys to restore only the cleanest, salt free, lo mile FJ80s in Texas... We look at dozens of local area FJ80s to buy just one... We pick only the Best of the Best FJ80s to receive CCOT's "Like New Restoration"... Before and after purchase, previous Owner is thoroughly questioned concerning all aspects of vehicle's life and mechanical records are retained, if available... Often previous Owner can advise us about FJ80's mechanical history so we may investigate past repairs for quality... One of the most significant steps of our Restoration process is being patient and selecting a naturally pristine FJ80 from a good Owner... CCOT buys FJ80s as if to be our very own family vehicle...

  • FJ80 prices range from $16,800 to $29,800...
  • Year Models, 1991 to 1997

  • CCOT's Restoration Process...

    Mechanical...Once FJ80 is purchased, our Restoration process begins with an extended test drive to feel any mechanical or performance abnormalities... We have driven more FJ80s than most people ever see, so the slightest abnormality is readily noticed and investigated / repaired... All FJ80s receive total mechanical inspections and scheduled maintenance from tune-ups to brake jobs, as needed... Whatever is required to make FJ80 ready for a new life is done and done right...

    Body / Interior... Cosmetically, each FJ80 is gone over inside and out by our top restoration technician, Neill... Only Neill restores our FJ80s to "Like New Condition"... Neill is a Master Painter with 25 years of experience spot painting and blending to remove the smallest door ding without painting entire body panel... Having the skills to repair, spot, color match and blend small dings retains the optimal value of a vehicle and requires the absolute highest skilled technician to perform... For years Neill was hired by Mercedes Dealerships to spot repair defects to hoods and fenders found on new cars after being damaged by auto transporters ... He may well be the very best paint and plastics man in the Dallas area and he makes each CCOT FJ80 "Like New" inside and out... CCOT and our Customers are very lucky to have Neill work exclusively on all of our Land Cruisers... I think it would be safe to say that Neill has painted and detailed more Land Cruisers to a higher level than any technician in the U.S... Neill has worked for CCOT for 10 years...

    You can't buy a Land Cruiser that LOOKS and DRIVES as
    "New" as a CCOT Land Cruiser!

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    All descriptive information contained in this web site is a general overview of work done to vehicles; however, all individual “Land Cruiser Purchase Agreements," and/or “Addendums”, and/or Individual “Contracts” made with a particular individual on a specific vehicle supersede any/all written information contained in this web site. For example, a certain vehicle may be purchased by CCOT for resale purposes only (no work at all to be done to vehicle) or an individual may wish to pay less or more for a particular vehicle depending on less or more work being done by CCOT.
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