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CCOT "Show Quality" FJ40s

Pictured Left - 1977 FJ40 Available For Purchase

Cool Cruisers of Texas

"Nation's Oldest and Foremost
Restorer of Land Cruisers"

Home of the Ultimate FJ40.

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CCOT's "Show Quality" FJ40s

The highest quality FJ40s available

Because of the limited number of good FJ40s, that is clean bodies with low miles, CCOT cannot restore as many FJ40s as we have in the past; therefore, we make the best of each great FJ40 we discover.

Due to the fact that clean FJ40 bodies with low miles are so rare, we now only restore these hard to find vehicles to "Show Quality".

We estimate that only three FJ40s will be completed and bear our CCOT trademark for 2005.
CCOT restores 1975 to 1983 FJ40s.

All CCOT FJ40 restorations are completed by the most skilled and experienced FJ40 restoration technicians in the U.S.

Specifically, we need to mention Mr. Neill, our lead Technician who has personally restored over 300 FJ40s since 1989 for CCOT.

Mr. Neill (a Master Painter) heads up each FJ40 restoration for CCOT and tops off each Masterpiece of his work by personally signing each vehicle. Mr. Neill's signature adds value.

The detail of Mr Neill's work is incredible and we've never seen an FJ40 restoration that can equal one of his "Show Quality" creations.

All CCOT FJ40 restorations are sold with a "1st Right of Refusal" (retained by CCOT) to buy back vehicle should Purchaser ever decide to sell.

No other FJ40 has a higher resell value than a stock Land Cruiser restored by Mr. Neill at CCOT.

Thanks for your interest in CCOT Land Cruisers and we can email you with information on the next available FJ40 by Clicking this Link.

Thanks, CCOT

CCOT's "Show Quality" FJ40s equipped with AC, Power Steering and more, range in price from $39,800 to $49,800

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Hello Cool Cruisers,

I don't know how much fan mail you get - but I had to let you know what a big supporter I am of yours.

I bought my 78 from you in February 1996. You may recall that I drove it from Dallas back home to Detroit.

I have told numerous individuals to contact you when they comment on my Cruiser. I know one who bought was Mike Lafontaine of Lafontaine Toyota - Dearborn, MI.

I met another very recent owner of a Cool Cruiser - W. G. Giles, also of Michigan. His truck is BEAUTIFUL.

I drive mine year-round & have put on about 11,000 miles. I have had some maintenance & service done by Vic of Hadley Industries. I have also had the truck rust-proofed. It still looks great!

Best regards -

Mike Havis

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1978 FJ40 as Grand Prize !
A restored FJ40 by "Cool Cruisers of Texas" has once again been selected as Grand Prize for the huge Toyota Factory Dealers' Sale presented by Gulf States Auto Auction. Many Thanks!
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