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Fuel Pump Installation Instructions

The mechanical fuel pump provides fuel to the carburetor and is actuated by an eccentric on the camshaft through the rocker arm or push rod. An inlet line from the fuel tank is connected to the fuel pump with a flexible hose and hose clamp. The outlet line to the carburetor is made of steel and connected to the fuel pump with a tube fitting.

When you replace a fuel pump, also install a new fuel filter. Check the flexible fuel line running from the fuel tank to the fuel pump, and replace it if it's cracked or leaking. If you replace the fuel line, you should also install a new hose.

These instructions will help you replace your Land Criuiser mechanical fuel pump.

Note: The system operates under pressure and require special service precautions. READ the service manual completely before you begin.

Tools & Equipment You'll Need

Ratchet wrench set with universal joint Tubing or open-end wrenches Hose clamp pliers or screwdriver Bolt or wooden dowel to plug fuel line from fuel tank

Installation Tips

Before You Begin

Get the correct fuel pump for your Land Cruiser. If needed, also get fuel line hose and clamps, a fuel pump gasket, and gasket sealer or cement. Gather together all the necessary tools. Work in a well-ventilated area away from sparks or open flames. DO NOT SMOKE. Let the engine cool. Disconnect the battery ground cable.

Old Pump Removal

1. Disconnect the fuel tank hose at the fuel pump, and plug the hose with a bolt or wooden dowel to keep any fuel from flowing out.

2. Disconnect the outlet line to the carburetor. Use a wrench on the fuel pump fitting and another on the line nut.

3. Disconnect the two attaching bolts and remove the old fuel pump. Clean off any old gasket material from the mounting surface of the engine.

New Pump Installation

1. Coat a new fuel pump gasket on both sides with gasket sealer or gasket cement. Put the attaching bolts through the new pump and slip the gasket over the bolts.

2. Install the new pump on the engine. Make sure that the rocker arm in the pump is against the eccentric inside the engine, or that the push rod is correctly installed in both the engine and the fuel pump.

3. Attach the fuel outlet line that runs to the carburetor. If it's difficult to connect, remove the other end of the line from the carburetor. Connect the line to the fuel pump, and then reattach the other end to the carburetor. Use a wrench to hold the fuel pump fitting and tighten the line nut with another wrench.

4. Attach the fuel inlet hose from the gas tank, and the vapor return hose (if the Cruiser is equipped with one). Tighten all clamps.

5. Reconnect the battery ground cable, start the vehicle and check for leaks

Helpful Hints & Tips:

Follow these instructions carefully. Read and be sure you understand them before you begin. Gather together all of your tools and supplies before you begin. Allow plenty of time to do the job so you don't have to hurry. Remember that these are general instructions. For more detailed instructions pertaining to your specific Land Cruiser Model, consult a Repair Manual.

Safety: is important whenever you're working around machinery. Beware of hot objects, sharp instruments and hazardous materials. Don't substitute tools unless you're sure you won't compromise either your safety or the performance of your vehicle.

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