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Shackle Reversal & 4" HFS Lift Combo

Shackle Reversal & 4" HFS Lift Combo" title="Shackle Reversal & 4" HFS Lift Combo

Shackle Reversal & 4" HFS Lift Combo
Shackle Reversal & 4" HFS Lift Combo

Radically improve the steering and control of your FJ40 while taking on a much stronger look with CCOT's exclusive Shackle Reversal and 4" HFS Lift Combo. Reversing the front shackles and lifting your stock FJ40 to stand 3 to 4" taller, in our opinion, will be the best money ever spent to improve the overall look, function, control, safety and the pleasure of driving your 40 series.

The 40 series factory suspension has the flexible spring shackle in the forward position of the front axle (behind the front bumper), therefore when the front tire collides with an obstacle, the energy of the impact travels rearward through the front spring to the solid spring hanger and then through the frame. As a result, control of the vehicle is greatly compromised. Reversing the locations of the solid rear spring hanger to the front of the front axle and relocating the flexible spring hanger to the rear of the front axle allows the impact of an obstacle to be better absorbed through the spring and the rear shackle, suspension. Swapping the front axle shackle locations creates a more natural suspension flow over the obstacle and at higher speeds, you'll experience a smoother ride and greatly improved control and handling. Your 40 series (with good tires) will unmistakably have greater control on the highway with less wandering, rutting or road walking. You will experience much greater steering control when hitting the brakes at higher speeds with CCOT's Suspension Correction Kit.

CCOT's exclusive Shackle Reversal and 4" HFS Lift Combo consists of all items shown in photo. Note: Kit includes 4" HFS lift springs on the rear and 2" HFS lift springs on the front. The kit's taller solid front spring hanger levels the offset between the spring heights of the front and rear axles. We believe at the heart of CCOT's Shackle Reversal System (that improves driving stability and control) is the combination 4" springs on the rear and stiffer 2" HFS springs mounted on the front. The integration of the taller and stiffer solid front spring hanger and the stiffer front 2" springs increases control and stability when the front tire collides with an obstacle. The rear 4" HFS lift springs better absorb the impact while delivering a comfortable ride to passengers. Shocks and U-bolts sold separately.

NOTE: System will add $82.00 to base price for kit that fits 8/'80 to 1984.

Shackle Hanger Location
Shackle Hanger Location
  • Shackle Reversal front Shackle Location
  • Lift Kit - FJ40x HFS Extreme - 1961-7/80 -  Suspension Correction Lift Kit
    Lift Kit - FJ40x HFS Extreme - 1961-7/80 - Suspension Correction Lift Kit
    Finally, a lift spring kit to fit 40/42 Series with existing solid front shackles.

    This kit is for trucks that already have suspension correction front Reversal Spring Hangers installed.

    2ea. Front HFS lift springs have 2.5" of lift.

    2ea. Rear HFS Extreme lift springs have 4" of lift.

    This HFS spring combination will greatly counter the unlevel vehicle effect (high in front / low in rear) caused by the shackle reversal of the Suspension Correction Kit.

    HFS Suspension Correction Lift Spring kits fit FJ40 & BJ40/42. Lift height may vary depending on set-up.

    All HFS Springs have stock spring eyes diameter, bushing size and pin diameter.

    HFS Lift Springs are "Softer" riding than any other FJ40 Lift Spring.

    Lift Kit Includes:
    (2ea) CCOT-HFS-40F Front Leaf Springs (2.5" Lift Springs)
    (2ea) CCOT-HFS-40XR Rear Leaf Springs (4" Lift Springs)
    (2ea) HFS4055875 HFS Front Shocks w/ Boots
    (2ea) HFS4055620 HFS Rear Shocks w/ Boots
  • Shocks require use of your old pins
    (8) U-Bolts - Yellow Zinc w/Nuts & Washers, Front & Rear Axles
    (24) Imperial Black Graphite Rubber Spring Bushings... Bushings are composed of Natural Rubber (NR) + Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR) + 5% Graphite producing an OEM style bushing that is shockproof, heat resistant, oil resistant and longer wearing than OEM. CCOT's New Imperial Graphite Rubber Spring Bushings deliver a softer and squeakless ride.

    Solid front shackle not included. See Complete Shackle Reversal Kit

    "HFS" Spring Features, Click

    Want even more Lift? Install HFS Lift Shackles... a great looking accessory that adds more Lift if needed ~ HFS Shackles come in 1.5" and 2.5" heights...

    "HFS Leveler Block Pre-Installed on Passenger-side (right) Spring:" Cure the Driver's Side Lean of most FJ40s. CCOT designed and extensively tested our HFS Leveler Block FORMULA on many FJ40s. We found that our HFS Leveler Block cured the lean on all test vehicles. Block is pre-installed on top of the rear passenger's side spring stack. The "Leveler Block" is an exclusive CCOT product.

    See "Toyota Trails" Article featuring CCOT's HFS™ Lift.

    "HFS" & "BDS" Spring Installation Instructions, Click

    View "Hell for Stout" Spring Warranty, Click

    Mount Rear Springs with long side away from axle toward the rear of the vehicle.

    HFS Springs are "Lift Springs" not "Overload Springs".
  • Regular price: $1,420.62
    Sale price: $1,278.97
    Springs Lifts Shocks
    Shackles & Bushings
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