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Tow FJ-40 Behind Motor Home, Q/A

Question: A few months ago, we bought a '77 FJ40 with the hope of towing it behind our motorhome so that we could use it as a vehicle to get us out and about after setting up a base camp. Sounds like maybe we should re-consider before actually trying it. A trailer for it isn't an option...too much added weight. A dolly that requires disconnecting the drive shaft would be impractical. Anybody else out there willing to give additional comments, recommendations, etc? Does anyone out there tow one behind a motorhome or similar vehicle on a regular basis? Thanks for your help. P.S. If transfer and transmission are in neutral, why the need to disconnect the drive shaft?

Answer: You can tow a LC behind a motor home. You have to realize that there is alot of weight with no additional braking however there are at least two products out there which can actuate the towed vehicles brakes in this case. Look at any of the RV magazines, FMCA magazines or Good Sam. A lot of the Landcruisers will attempt to turn the wheels in the opposite direction when going around sharp corners. You don't normally see this type of turn except when going in to gas stations, some intersections etc. If you tie the steering wheel down by pulling a bungy cord from the middle of the steering wheel to the seat bracket it shoud track OK in most conditions. As for removing the drive shaft. This started on vehicles which did not have a true Transfer case neutral and required oil movement to lubricate the gears of the transmission. The FJ40s don't have this problem. I would pull mine for longer trips such as when I traveled from Albuquerque (I can spell it) to Lake Tahoe, a distance of about 1200 miles. It was mainly a safety factor. Yes, the transmission and transfer case are in neutral but they have been know to slip out and you don't know it until it is too late.

So, Landcruisers are towable. You do need to understand your towing capacity of the tow vehicle and work within that. There are steps you can take to make towing and stoping any vehicle safer and less prone to breakage.

Hope this helps.

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