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About HFS Hell for Stout® Body Tubs

About HFS Hell for Stout® Body Tubs

HFS Hell for Stout® Body Tubs

CCOT is proud to announce our Exclusive North America Distributorship
for the HFS Hell for Stout® Series 40 steel body tub.

CCOT has just received our 3rd container of these rare HFS FJ40 / BJ40 body tubs.

BUY QUALITY HFS TUBS because Cheap Tubs Rust and Kill Value!

Our tubs are without question the highest quality, anti corrosion steel body tubs made. Tubs are manufactured in Costa Rica, not Pakistan, not Columbia. CCOT has an Exclusive Agreement with Maker requiring tub construction to be made with anti corrosive metal, built-in captive nuts and original body bracing. CCOT's HFS tubs add big value to your build.

CCOT will not buy an FJ40 that was re-built on a Pakistani or Columbian tub.

Buying an assembled tub, made with corrosion resistant zinc coated sheet metal is essential to a long lasting quality build.
Other aftermarket tubs that are made with untreated cold roll steel will flash rust in days and their hidden, overlapped
metal can never be accessed for treatment against rust.

Why HFS Hell for Stout® Tubs are the BEST...

HFS Hell for Stout® tubs are built with high quality 18 gauge, zinc coated sheet metal. Zinc coated sheet metal is a highly rust resistant and corrosion resistant metal that has a high mix of zinc and is also finished with a zinc top coating. Because of the zinc coating, the metal does not need to be primed and one could paint directly to the metal if they choose. Only the flash welds would need to be treated and etch primed. The zinc coating also highly stiffens the 18 gauge steel.

70% of the body tub panels are die formed by press for a perfect assembled fit.

Tubs are hand assembled, in jigs for accurate fitment. If the tub does not fit, then your chassis is out of line.

Each tub is jigged 3 separate times as it advances through the shop to make sure that the final product is perfectly square before it's shipped.

The built-in precision in each tub, zinc coated sheet metal, and solid construction makes the HFS Hell for Stout® the only lasting tub choice.

Stephen McClung

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