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Wheel Size and Offset, FJ-60

Question: What is the necessary backspace or off-set needed for rims on an '87 FJ60? Is it the same for late model (1980'S) FJ40's? I have read a little about spacers needed for the front.....? Any info would be great. (FYI: I am wanting to put on some 15x8 or 15x10 American Racing wagon-style rims with 32x11.5 mudders).

Thanks, Ben

Answer Ben, most of the American racing 15" work fine. The big problem is in a 16" rim which there are not many choices. They can either hit the tie rod and/or caliper.

Bennies in my opinion of 16 are true truck tires are available. I also like having less side wall flex all around. 16" are also more expensive (a few dollars each).

If anyone is interested, I have a line on 16" x 6" non us factory rims (these are white 6 spoke, identical to 60 rims and late 40 series (and mini). They are close to $95 each.

Answer I run the Black "rock crawler" wheel on my 87 fj60. My wheels are 3.75" backspacing and they fit with about a sheet of paper (maybe 2 sheets) between them and the caliper. They were cheep and work well. I paid $29 for each of them from Peerless Tire. The 3.5 probably would offer more safety room but on a tolerance that should not change, I went with the close fit. - Chris

Answer Hey Ben,

You are right about the 3.5" backspacing. You need to get a wheel with this or you will have to use a spacer... something I will never do. Being that you are choosing to run an 11.5" tire, I would stick with a 15x8. With this being stated, you can get black Powdercoated "Rockcrawlers" from 4 wheel parts wholesales for 38 bucks each (Cheaper for White) . They fit perfect and clear everything just fine. So now, what you've been waiting for.... 4WPW part number...TEC51-5883S3.5 (3.5" is the correct backspacing, don't go messin' with the number) Go to the nearest store and have them order them... they'll have them in 3 days or you can call up and have them shipped in. Don't let the operator talk you into a different part number because it won't be correct. If you want to see them check them out on my 60 Hagatha on my photopoint site. HTH

Answer The correct backspacing is 3.5" and I've also heard 3.75" will work too. What I found are 4" wagon wheels and run 1/4" spacers up front. The space is needed to clear the caliper. So no matter what backspacing the wheel was I needed a spacer. So, I found the 4" backspacing with 1/4" spacer works perfectly. I run 32x1150 BFG AT and think the backspacing is perfect because if the backspacing was any less the tires would be pushed out past the wheel wells. On the other hand if you run a narrower tire the will still fit fine.

I don't remember the manufacturer of my wheel, so the ones you're looking at may fit the caliper without the spacer. This is just my experience. By the way I was dead set against running a spacer until I had the fit problem. I have had no problems running a wheel with a spacer. The one other thing is if you have to custom order the 3.5" inch backspacing you may want to consider this. If you bend a wheel you have to custom order a replacement. If you have to replace a typical 4" backspaced wheel it is usually in stock at your local dealer and it's cheaper.

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