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  • Just wanted to give a big thanks for the order! Arrived in record time, and appreciate the bonus


  • Gday manny received fj40 order today and all is there and everything is perfect thanks for your help

    cheers luke

  • Great Customer Service !!! It is nice to find a company that has Integrity !!! Thank You !!!

    Tim Fox

  • I just recieved my first order from CCOT - It got here in one day - !!! - and It was exactly right!

    Wayne Doyle

  • Thanks again for your awesome service - I'm a big fan of your shop. You're really helping me

    Cheers, Brad

  • Thanks, you guys rock!


  • By the way....you guys are awesome at Coolcruisers.


  • Manny .....Radiator was waiting for me when I got home Fri. P.M. .....all new hoses ( from a


  • I received my order in record time and have already installed the parts - perfect fit! Thanks much.


  • Thank you, Manny. By the way. I love the new lift. WOW! It's awesome!


  • Thank you. The rear quarter panels arrived safe and sound. Better than I had hoped for. I'll be


  • Great customer service!!!! Keep it up!!!!!


  • I have finished installing all of my CoolCruiser weatherstrip around both front doors and the three


  • I just finished installing my CCOT Replica gas tank, and it's one of the best fitting


  • Just whant to say thank you to all at ccot received my order and it is great to deal with such a

    Quartus Reyneke

  • I have restored a number of cars as a hobby. The restoration process of my FJ40 however has been

    Jan, Dubai, UAE

  • I just wanted to really thank Coolcruisers for all of your help with everything. Everything you

    Alistair Parr

  • Hi there,have received my order today, thanks for your excellent service. The parts are perfect,

    Peter Foster

  • Just a note to thank you for the excellent parts and service. The order arrived in Montana in 3

    Thanks again, Kirk

  • I got the parts I ordered. They are fantastic! Nice quality and they appear to fit well. Thanks for

    Blair Bishop

  • Thank you for your amazing help, I received my order today and am very happy with your service and

    Big Cheers from Australia, Tony

  • Just wanted to say Thank You! I won a set of FJ-40 Window hinges Cool Cruisers donated to the Raffle




  • Just letting you know that I received my order today. Can't believe how quick it came. Thank you


  • Just installed my designer HFS lift kit and love it.


  • Just wanted to thank you for making this replacement gas tank available. Fits a 1976 FJ40


  • Thanks guys I just received my order everything looks spot on.. I appreciate your awesome packing


  • FYI, the last shipment from you arrived today and as expected, the quality of the parts is

    Cheers, Robert, UAE

  • Manny, Radiator install went great and FJ60 is running cool again thanks to Cool Cruisers!

    Semper Fidelis, Chris

  • just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived today with no issues. Top quality parts and truly

    Cheers, Robert, Dubai

  • Parcel arrived today thank you. The rear door repair sections look great.

    Cheers, Lawrence from Australia

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the super fast shipping, right parts shipped, and cool poster with

    Chad Helena, MT

  • I received my parcel this morning 10.00am Monday morning, doesn’t get much better than that, thanks

    Regards, Troy from Australia

  • Received my order in short order and it worked great..........Thanks, You guys are great.

    Phil Zito

  • I just got a packages from you. All perfect. Thank you very much. You have +1 regular customer from

    Best regards, Alexey

  • Mary package arrived today. Very pleased with the quality of the parts and the prompt delivery.

    Ken from Australia.

  • Good Morning Manny. Just wanted to let you know the shipment was received yesterday. I appreciate

    Sandra Latimer

  • I don't believe it, my 76fj40 was leaning to the driverside a lot and it seemed worse after a

    Charles Rogers

  • I'd like to thank you for all your support and assistance in helping build the suspension of my

    JC Mosquera

  • Just to follow up: UPS delivered the seat covers on Friday. And you are right: Oscar is really

    R Evers

  • Dear Cool Cruisers, I just have to say your Customer support on this issue was Awesome! Y’all are

    Jim Wolff

  • Manny, I want to thank you & staff for the 3/4 tub arriving intact & undamaged! A real nice job!


  • Hey Manny, Got the tub and it is awesome! thanks


  • Mary Beth, Please pass on my appreciation to all involved in the purchase, distribution and

  • My goods arrived today which is 2 days earlier than the scheduled time. Upon opening the packages I

    Ken White, Australia

  • Dear Mary Beth,

    This is to let you know that I have received both boxes and also that I am very pleased with all the items you have supplied me.Thank you for all your kind assistance. Best regards Chanaka, Sri Lanka

  • I wanted to send a Thank You to Manny and Mary Beth at Cool Crusiers of Texas for all the support

  • Manny,

    My wiper arms and blades arrived today. It took me less than 10 minutes to get them into place on my '79 FJ43 Land Cruiser. Very happy with them. You guys are the best!

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CCOT's FJ40 Restoration Process

FJ40 Restoration Process" title="FJ40 Restoration Process

CCOT Buys Only the Clean
FJ40s to Restore

Cool Cruisers of Texas... Nation's Oldest and Foremost Restorer of Land Cruisers...

A little FJ40 Background: The FJ40 Series was sold in the U.S. from 1961 to 1983. This model Land Cruiser is considered the "Classic" of all Land Cruisers. It is a two door vehicle with removable hardtop and all are equipped with four wheel drive. Some early model FJ40s were sold with factory softops. Early model 3 speeds and were replaced in 1974 with a 4 speed transmission. Two engine types were offered through this period, the 3.8 liter 6 cylinder F engine (1963 to 1974) and the larger 4.2 liter 2F engine (1975 to 1983).
CCOT Restores: 1976 through 1983 FJ40s. These year models have the features most desired by the mainstream market; i.e... Disc Brakes, Larger 2-F Motor, 4-speed Transmission, and Rear Ambulance Doors. We will occasionally purchase a 1975 and older to restore if body is rust free and overall condition is immaculate.

Cool Cruisers of Texas searches out and buys the top FJ40s from non coastal and salt free regions of the southern United States and restores these select Land Cruisers to "Original Condition". CCOT specializes in restoring only Rare FJ40s. FJ40s selected to restore are naturally rust free and with low miles. Completed FJ40s are sold to buyers throughout the U.S. We have restored over 500 FJ40s since 1989. Located in Rowlett, Texas (a Dallas suburb), we remanufacture FJ40s in our specially tooled 20,000 sq. ft. Land Cruiser facility. CCOT technitions have restored more FJ40s than anyone in the U.S. and their skill and vehicle knowlege is second to none. CCOT has the top FJ40 Craftsmen in the Nation.

Cool Cruisers of Texas offers you a second chance to buy the FJ40 Land Cruiser you always wanted!

  • CCOT's Restoration process begins by disassembling the FJ40's body. The hard top is removed and dismantled. All body attachments inside and out are removed from the body - including doors, hood, fenders, glass / seals, hinges, roll bar, seats, bumpers, all attachments, etc. After disassembling, 108 individual parts are sandblasted to white metal and sealed with self etching primer for the ultimate rust protection. Each part is hand sanded three times before painting to assure the ultimate smooth finish. A CCOT "Exclusive Body Prep Process" provides the greatest rust protection and metal prep for our FJ40s than those found anywhere else. All body parts are individually painted before reassembly. Note: Not all CCOT FJ40s are sand blasted due to like new condition.

    Once reassembled, the FJ40 receives six final coats (rather than three coats as per factory) of factory acrylic enamel paint for a factory superior finish. Roll bar, seat frames, center console, instrument panel, glove box and door are repainted, as well as the entire interior. Emblems are replaced with new. Hood hooks are replaced with new. Turn signals are replaced with new. Front and rear bumpers are replaced with new. Top and front grill is refinished to new condition. Front windshields are replaced with new. The fit and finish of our exterior detail is unequaled by any. Note: Not all dashes are painted if already in like new condition.

    The FJ40 interior receives new seat upholstery, headliner, new gear shift boots and knobs, new seals around doors and new window channels. Our FJ40s seal tight and do not rattle. Many other interior details are performed from new foot pedal pads to new radio/antenna. Dash pull knobs are all refinished as well as rear heater is bead blasted and refinished. Inside vinyl door panels and sun visors are replaced as needed. Rear jump seats are restored to brand new condition. All door bushings and tire rack bushings are replaced to eliminate rattles and provide proper door fit for a lifetime. New front seat belts with shoulder harnesses and new rear lap belts are installed on all FJ40s to deliver that totally new interior look and function. New hardware: All nuts/bolts and much of the FJ40 hardware is re-plated to its original factory look with a non-corrosive yellow zinc plating. Finished interior looks and smells new. The detail and quality of our caring FJ40 workmanship is unequaled.

    Mechanical - All vehicles are thoroughly checked and mechanical repairs made. CCOT wants to deliver every FJ40 in top mechanical condition and will make repair or replace any mechanical flaw that we can identify. Note: Some mechanical flaws cannot be identified by CCOT until vehicle has been driven extensively. Our many test drives may not always reveal every mechanical flaw.

  • Our objective is to deliver a beautiful and reliable FJ40.

  • Engine - All FJ40s are checked for compression, oil leakage (excluding normal seepage), cracked block or head, and abnormal exhaust discharge. All carburetors are rebuilt or replaced with new.

    Also available: Engine Overhaul. This is a complete and professional Land Cruiser 2-F engine overhaul, performed in a "state of the art" machine shop by experienced top level machinists. All warranty work is performed by Cool Cruisers of Texas at the Rowlett, Texas location. Note, CCOT FJ40s do not receive an overhaul unless motor tests to be bad.

  • Transmission and Transfer Case - Checked for proper function, cracks or damage, abnormal noise or vibration, improper shifting or functioning in all gears, clutch slippage or chattering.

  • Differential - Check for fluid levels, leakage (excluding normal seepage), cracked or damaged housing (which is visible), abnormal noise or vibration.

  • Cooling System - Radiators replaced with new 4-Core radiator. All other cooling components are inspected and replaced on as need basis. example: water pump, thermostat, belts (often), hoses (often), etc. Note: Typically all the above cooling components are replaced with new.

  • Electrical System - Checked for improperly functioning alternator, battery (new), starter, lights and signals.

  • Fuel System - Checked for leakage. Often new fuel tanks installed.

  • Accessories - All checked for proper function - gauges, air conditioning, heater, defroster, lights, signals, wipers, radio, etc.

  • Brake System - Checked for proper function (including hand brake) - drums, shoes, pads, wheel cylinders, brake lines and master cylinder, fluid levels checked and adjustments and repairs made. FJ40 is road tested for straight line stop. Most brake parts are replaced with new.

  • Steering System - Checked for too much free play in steering and gear box leaks.

  • Suspension System - Check for ball joint damage, structural parts bent or damaged, steering stabilizer bar function, shock absorbers (new HFS Shocks installed), and rubber bushings.

  • Exhaust System - Checked--repaired or replaced if leakage. Intake and exhaust gaskets often replaced.

  • Air Conditioning:
    AC is installed in ALL CCOT FJ40 Restorations. CCOT's heavy duty AC System blows harder & colder than any aftermarket AC kit. CCOT's AC system looks like the factory Land Cruiser AC system (Nipendenso), but is more efficient, has higher AC output, and uses the NEW E.P.A. required 134a-Freon ("Ozone Friendly"). This is the best FJ40 AC system made for Land Cruisers and is the only aftermarket system made exclusively for the FJ40. CCOT has refined, sold and installed this proven system for 11 years. Not only does our AC system blow harder and colder than the original AC system but it was cosmetically designed to retain STOCK appearance for added vehicle value. CCOT's AC system was designed for CCOT by AC Engineers here in Dallas. Our objective was to copy the original FJ40 Nipondenso AC system look and its powerful factory performance. A Dallas AC Maker produces 20 AC units at a time, for which we owns all special production tooling. Here at Cool Cruisers of Texas, we are serious about our AC being the very best, for we install ACs in All of our Show Quality FJ40 Restorations.
  • Large Image
  • Interior is just like new.
  • Original tool bag
  • Original floor coverings
  • CCOT center console
  • Click for Large Image
  • Full view of Dash Panel
  • Click for Large Image
  • Original AM radio
  • Click for Large Image
  • Rear cargo area
  • Original bottle jack
  • Original tire tools
  • Power Steering System & AC -
    is installed in ALL Top CCOT Restorations and is comprised of all factory Toyota components. We have installed hundreds of these Power Steering systems to our remanufactured Land Cruisers with outstanding results. Our PS systems are configured per stock Land Cruiser PS, which adds both pleasure to your drive and value to your investment. This Power Steering System is made exclusively by CCOT and is an Option we have offered for 10 years (with very little design change).

    Details of Motor: Under the hood appearance is always impressive. Valve cover and air cleaner are bead blasted and painted. Hardware is re-plated to its original factory look with a non-corrosive yellow zinc plating. Many other steps are taken to make our FJ40s a "Show Off" under the hood.
    Click for Large Image
  • Matching set of 5 tires and stock wheels
  • All factory wheels, powder coated battleship gray
  • New, B.F. Goodrich 33 x 10.5s
  • These tires are top-of-the-line
  • Radial Mud-Terrain T/As
  • Tire width and tread design make for easy steering
  • Great tire choice for strong look and performance
  • Top